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"Our vision is educated, healthy, prosperous, empowered and responsible individuals with equal opportunities in society."
Welcome to BEHBUD
Behbud Association Karachi is a charitable organisation working in Karachi since 1970. We aim to improve the lives of the underprivileged sections ,of our society particularly women and children. Our multi-faceted l services al provided under oneumbrella, cover most aspects of a family’s life..


Formal Schools

Every school is staffed by highly trained ...
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Literacy Centers

Every school is staffed by highly trained ...
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These work as filter clinics where after the initial exam...
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Behbud X-Ray

To facilitate TB treatment an x-ray department...
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Leather Project

A leather craft training course was established in 1984.
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Skill Training

Production units to supply our shop have been set up...
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This project supports people who are in financial need for various reasons. Parents approach us
for help in paying for their children’s school education. Applications are also received from college students including those at professional colleges. All these applications are thoroughly...
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Behbud Association

was founded in Rawalpindi during the 1965 Pakistan-India War to help affected families. In 1970, Behbud Association Karachi...


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